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I have been collecting postmarks from 1991 and putting them on a single webpage. See the results at https://vaticanstamps.org/cancels/hunt/chunt.php. So far not many patterns are emerging. If you have any to add please use the website contact form and let me know.
   (02/08/2023 - MJL)

The order form from the Vatican Post Office just popped into the email box a few minutes ago. Has the annual papal pontificate and Easter stamps on the order form. I immediately replied and will now wait, wait, and wait. I did include a question about Easter postmark availability. Will be interesting to see if I get any responses to my questions.   (02/07/2023 - MJL)

Making progress! Had to add another notebook to my Vatican collection today. I've been buying some nice postmarked covers for my collection,   (01/25/2023 - MJL)

A new email function is available on the VPS Member-To-Member Contact page. Check it out! The link is also on the VPS member page menu bar. See the Membership tab, Member Contacts menu option.   (01/23/2023 - MJL)

The mail today brought a 1933 Vatican postcard purchased from a dealer in France. I uploaded it to the VPS Postmark Cancelation Research Project webpage. You can now see three different Vatican postmarks (and covers) for the same date!! (4/1/1933) See the Postmark menu option from the Reference tab on the yellow VPS website menu bar.    (01/19/2023 - MJL)

Have you checked out Page 2 yet? Information on this page changes every day. Access this web page from the website menu bar.   (01/15/2023 - MJL)

Anyone interested in using Excel to create customized stamp pages?   (12/14/2022 - gjp)

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