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     ... to the web site of the Vatican Philatelic Society, promoting the collection and study of the stamps, covers, and postal history of the Vatican City State and its predecessor, the Pontifical (Roman) State.
     We have members in the U.S. and around the world. They range from beginners to specialists, and their interests encompass every possible branch of Vatican philately: stamps, first and last day covers, postal history, aerophilately, maximum cards, and much more.
     Please visit the rest of our site and see what membership in the VPS can offer you.
   Greg Pirozzi

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90th Anniversary Issue

The Vatican Post Office issued an embroidered cloth stamp to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Lateran Pact. While the Brits are good at pomp and ceremony, it is hard to beat the Vatican UFN for coming up with creative stamps!   See the details

Publication Mailing

The 381th issue of Vatican Notes was mailed to VPS members in early October. This issue tells the story of space exploration and Vatican City stamps. (read article)

On-Line Vatican Notes

The VPS publication Vatican Notes is on-line with issues starting from the 1950's. New issues are published quarterly.

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Free Back Issues
Of Vatican Notes

As a long time member of the Vatican Philatelic Society, I have Vatican Notes dating from 1993 through 2018. For most of these years, I have all volumes issued for these calendar years. I am willing to pass these on, free of charge, to anyone interested. These are available to members or non-members with first preference granted to members. My only request is that if a recipient would like them mailed, he/she would cover the cost of postage. If interested in any of the publications, please let me know via email at mailto: