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What is the length St. Peter's Basilica?
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394 Publication Mailing

The 394nd issue of Vatican Notes was mailed to VPS members in late December 2022. This issue shows us a variety of messages found on postcards.

393 Publication Mailing

The 393nd issue of Vatican Notes was mailed to VPS members in late November 2022. This issue features an article on Doctors Of The Church.

Vatican City Visit - 2022

After a recent visit to Vatican City, Marvin Lanahan wrote several short articles. Click on the links below to see these articles:
• Attempting To Photograph The Central Post Office Building
• A Visit To The Vatican Postal Museum
• Looking For Vatican Postal Boxes
• A Central Post Office Postmark

392 Publication Mailing

The 392nd issue of Vatican Notes was mailed to VPS members in late July 2022. This issue features an article on Pontifical State Mourning Covers. Other interesting articles are on the Collegio Caprancica and some historical postcards of the Vatican Museum.

391 Publication Mailing

The 391st issue of Vatican Notes was mailed to VPS members in April 2022. This issue features an article on the ancient historical tradition of the venerated “Way of the Cross” in Jerusalem that gave rise to the well-known Stations of the Cross. Another interesting article is a comprehensive series of design essays created for the new Catholic University of the Sacred Heart stamp in Milano.

390 Publication Mailing

The 390th issue of Vatican Notes was mailed to VPS members in early January 2022. This issue features an article on Vatican City Hotel mail. It also documents the Vatican Postal History of Peru and Liechtenstein.

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Check out the new VPS Stamp Calendar! This calendar shows Vatican stamps related to each day. It also provides links to the daily emails. Check it out!

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Not every stamp issued by the Vatican Post Office is included on the calendar. If you feel a stamp should be added to the calendar click here to submit your suggestion.

Special Vatican Notes Issue

This special issue of Vatican Notes will not be available in print form. Jim Hamilton has updated and expanded his series of Philatelic Journeys. Read it on-line or download a copy.

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The VPS website has a Want List. There are a number of first-day covers we require images for to add to the Stamp List. Check out the Want List and help support the website by scanning and uploading your covers so we can share them with other VPS members.

On-Line Vatican Notes

The VPS publication Vatican Notes is on-line with issues starting from the 1950's. New issues are published quarterly.

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